There are two barns with a total of 43 stalls. Stalls are mucked daily and are 10X10


We use only dust free pine bedding.


We have all day turn out as well as night turnout during the summer.

We have large group paddocks as well as private.

During the summer months we have a large 10 acre grass field and several small fields the horses get to enjoy on a limited schedule. 


We offer a wide choice of training for your equine from starting to finishing.  Our owner / manager personally manages the training to give your horse a quiet and stress free time during the education process.  He will employ round pen training techniques to help your horse overcome his anxieties to using the latest pain free techniques available to make a wonderful partnership for you and your horse.  He believes in the teachings of Monty Roberts and also wants to make the world a "better place for your horse".


We have two wash stalls. The indoor one has hot and cold water and the outdoor one is cold water only 


Large riding arena

Heated restroom with hot and cold water

Four tack rooms


We provide a trailering service.  The trailer is a 2006 Exiss three horse slantload with a stepup.  Our equipment is kept in GOOD and CLEAN condition at all times.  We have flexible rates and packages.

Emergency Trailering:

Our owner / manager provides Emergency Ambulatory Transport (EAT).  He will work in conjunction with your veterinarian and act as his vet tech on the road.  He will give necessary injections upon direction from your veterinarian.  He will remain in constant contact with the owner/ veterinarian and equine clinic as well.